Our objective:

We want to distribute the fuel cell with all the advantages compared with conventional power supply methods in southern Africa and provide clean reliable energy to the people in our home region, exactly where it is required.

EMILY 3000

EFOY Pro 2400

EFOY Comfort 140


Fuel Cell Energy Namibia is…

… Matthias Zipfel

I grew up in Namibia and went to school in the DHPS. After school I went to Germany to get a further education after high school.

Matthias Zipfel born. 20.03.1981 in Windhoek Namibia.

I also went into a technical career in an apprenticeship for industrial electronics. Afterwards I did my government accredited technician at the Munich Technical College with special focus on energy – and automation technology. After several years in the automotive industry, I started to work for the company SFC Energy AG near Munich. SFC Energy AG is the company that develops and builds the Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFC) which we want to distribute in Southern Africa.

Matthias Zipfel

Company Founder

Operates from Germany and is a direct connection to SFC Energy AG.

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This is what makes Fuel Cell Namibia so extraordinary:

  • a unique product
  • a great combination:
    • Matthias as a 100%-shareholder sees that the communication flow between Fuel Cell Energy Namibia CC and SFC Energy AG runs smoothly.
  • The satisfaction of our customers is of the most priority to me!

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