Military, Defence and Security


The advantages of our fuel cells:

On-board power supplies for military and surveillance vehicles

EMILY fuel cells are the ideal solution for the on-board supply of power to military vehicles. The low-noise, eco-friendly operation of the EMILY cannot be detected, ensuring more security where secret signals are concerned. The motor or engine no longer needs to be started. EMILY fuel cells are toughened to military standards and have a supply number (NATO stock number).

Portable power supply for security & defense

JENNY fuel cells are portable power generators for soldiers and provide a continuous back-up charge for field batteries. This means that soldiers are able to save batteries and thus reduce the amount of weight they carry by up to 80%. The quiet power generators increase the soldiers’ deployment periods and safety. SFC Energy also provides a complete energy network to supply power to soldiers on deployment.

EMILY 3000

Mobile power source for electrical devices in command and multipurpose vehicles

  • Virtually no detectable
  • Increased sustainability
  • Fully automatic

Solutions, features and references

On vehicles,supplying power to sensors, radio, surveillance and defence systems that are integrated in the vehicle required starting the engine or a noisy generator had to be used. This is a high risk for camouflage and often leads to early detection. The EMILY fuel cell charges the on-board battery automatically, quietly and without being detected. It guarantees operation of the loads even when the engine is turned off. Therefore, camouflage remains intact. EMILY 3000 is able to charge modern lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries, as well as the conventional lead batteries. EMILY 3000 is characterised by virtually signature-free, silent and emission-free operation, therefore making it the modern task forces’ number one choice. Away from the vehicle, it is also suitable as a mobile fieldbased charging station for batteries.



  • Virtually silent operation compared to conventional generators
  • Running an engine is not required to charge the batteries
  • Numerous loads can be supplied with power
  • Significant reduction in vehicle maintenance and operating costs thanks to battery life extension and reduced engine operating hours
  • Fully automatic charging without loss
  • Ensuring reliable power during deployment
  • Simple and fast integration
  • Can be used as an on-board battery charger and as a mobile field-based charging station
  • EMILY 3000 as well as the fuel cartridges have a NATO supply number
  • The fuel cartridges are approved for air transport in accordance with UN3473
  • EMILY 3000 can also be used as a separate power supply

JENNY 1200

Portable, low-weight power supply
  • Tremendous weight reduction
  • No detectable signature
  • Increasing sustainability

Solutions, features, and references

Modern task forces require a portable, reliable energy supply. Missions can take from several days to several weeks. In order to supply power reliably to soldiers’ technical equipment, a huge amount of batteries had to be carried along. JENNY 1200 can charge batteries or directly supply power to electrical consumers in the field silently and fully automatically. Together with the SFC Power Manager 3G, several consumers can be supplied with power very efficiently at the same time. The advantages of the systems are a significant reduction in the number of batteries soldiers need to carry (with more than 75 % weight reduction for a mission with a duration of 96 hours), a barely detectable noise and heat signature, and almost maintenance-free operation. Total cost of ownership and expenditures for logistics are partly significantly reduced. The portable JENNY 1200 fuel cell is an addition to the JENNY series that is already field-proven and has been used by the German Armed Forces (Bundeswehr) for years. With a nominal power output of 50 Watt, the multi-awardwinning DMFC (Direct Methanol Fuel Cell) technology of SFC Energy for defense and security applications ideally extends the successful product portfolio of the already with NATO stock number introduced JENNY 600S (25 Watt) ideally. JENNY 1200 is in use with international defense organizations.



  • JENNY 1200 supplies power reliably and fully automatically for multi-day missions
  • In combination with the SFC Power Manager 3G, charging different battery types and supplying military consumers is also possible simultaneously
  • JENNY 1200 can be integrated seamlessly into the existing portfolio of SFC defense products and into all SFC energy networks
  • High energy density ensures significant weight reduction, and space savings
  • Weather-independent operation
  • Toughened for military use, tested and used at international defense organizations
  • Operation with pure methanol, in practical, safe fuel cartridge sizes, approved for air transport in accordance with UN3473


Small, portable power source
  • 80% weight reduction
  • No detectable signature
  • Increased sustainability

Solutions, features and references

Modern task forces require a portable, reliable energy supply. Missions can take several days or weeks. In order to supply power reliably to soldiers’ technical equipment during the entire deployment duration, soldiers up to now had to use numerous batteries and carry spares, resulting in a substantial weight burden. Using the JENNY 600S fuel cell significantly reduces the weight burden by reducing the number of spare batteries. For example, up to 80 % of battery weight burden can be eliminated based on the high energy density of the methanol fuel used and for a mission with a duration of 72 hours. JENNY 600S supplies power to electrical devices and/or charges batteries in the field with minimal user attention. It is simple to use and does not generate any kind of detectable signature. Therefore, the soldier can equip himself/herself with the minimum amount of batteries and instead carry additional food, water and ammunition, In combination with the SFC Power Manager 3G, a power distribution hub, several devices can be supplied with power very efficiently at the same time. JENNY 600S is already being used by NATO forces.


  • JENNY 600S supplies electrical devices directly
  • Quiet operation without detectable signatures
  • Space saving with significant weight reduction
  • Easy to operate without extensive training
  • Operation is not weather-dependent
  • JENNY 600S charges different battery types fully automatically
  • In combination with the SFC Power Manager 3G, charging several batteries simultaneous is possible
  • JENNY 600S is ruggedised for military use: specified, tested and deployed in a field environment
  • JENNY 600S as well as the fuel cartridges have a NATO supply number
  • The fuel cartridges are approved for air transport in accordance with UN3473


Solutions, features and references

As a system solutions provider, we are constantly working to develop complete solutions for various requirements. EFOY Pro energy solutions combine power generation via EFOY Pro fuel cells and energy storage with batteries in a suitable housing. There is still sufficient space for customer-specific adaptations.

Power Manager 3G

Portable and intelligent power distribution
hub for maximum flexibility and autonomy during deployment
  • small, lightweight and robust
  • Plug & Play solution
  • universal charger

Solutions, features and references

Nowadays, the modern soldier has to carry numerous electrical devices. All these devices have different mains and charging units to guarantee the power supply. The SFC Power Manager 3G enables the soldier to use all energy sources available in the field such as hybrid batteries, solar panels, vehicle power and, of course, fuel cells to power devices or charge batteries. The SFC Power Manager 3G automatically detects the connected devices, thanks to intelligent cable coding, and adjusts the output voltage correspondingly. This results in very low power loss and super efficient power distribution which is essential for operations in the field. Carrying separate chargers is therefore redundant and resulting in additional storage space. SFC Power Manager 3Gs of different generations are already being used by the US Air Force, the German Bundeswehr and many other defence organisations.


  • Portable, intelligent power distribution
  • Versatile, practical battery charger
  • Increase in sustainability of operations
  • Reduces weight and pack size
  • Portable: In the energy network, the SFC Power Manager 3G can charge several batteries simulaneously
  • In the vehicle: The SFC Power Manager can intelligently distribute the vehicle’s energy to different loads
  • For stationary systems: In combination with an EMILYCube 2500 fuel cell, the SFC Power Manager 3G can ensure the energy supply for a computer subnet or a ground radar, for example
  • Expandable with all military SFC fuel cells – they can serve as a power source for the SFC Power Manager 3G.
  • New loads can be added later using a specific, coded cable
  • Tested since 2010 in the field: The German Bundeswehr equips its soldiers with the portable SFC energy network

fuel cartridges

Autonomous power with EFOY fuel cartridges

EFOY Pro fuel cells are direct methanol fuel cells that are operated with the fuel methanol. The methanol is stored in EFOY fuel cartridges that have been designed especially for this purpose. Depending on requirements, EFOY fuel cartridges are available in 5, 10, 28 and 60 litre capacities. If your autonomy needs are higher, two fuel cartridges can be connected to up to four fuel cells using the DuoCartSwitch. This means you can autonomously run a 25 W application with four M28 fuel cartridges for up to 30 weeks for example.

The highest quality standards

Ultra-pure and clean methanol is required for the reliable operation of EFOY Pro fuel cells. To ensure compliance with the strictest safety standards, each filling operation is supervised by SFC quality management. Only when original EFOY fuel cartridges are used, can the maximum operating life of the fuel cell be guaranteed. The high energy density of methanol provides a lot of energy in a very small space with EFOY fuel cartridges. As a result, the autonomy of your off-grid application can be increased many times.