This is how the SFC the Direct Methanol Fuel Cells (DMFC) works

The EFOY fuel cells generate power from the fuel in the fuel cartridge (methanol), complemented by oxygen from the air. Methanol is directly converted into power. In addition to power, all this creates is waste heat and water vapour with a little carbon dioxide. This is extraordinarily environmentally friendly.

The SFC fuel cells charge the batteries fully automatically.. The integrated charge controller permanently monitors the charge status of the battery. When required, the EFOY Pro is started automatically and turned off again when the battery has been charged. This means not only will you always have full power reserves, but your batteries will also last much longer because continuous charging prevents deep discharge. 230 V devices can be operated when an inverter is used.

EFOY Energy Calculator

With the useful energy calculator you can quickly and easily find the right EFOY COMFORT/PRO model for your needs.
Simply specify the amount of each consumer which you use.We have already inserted an average wattage for each consumer. You may, if required, completely customize it.
Now you only have to indicate how many minutes / hours a day you use the respective consumer. The ampere-hours required per day then be automatically calculated.